Our Programs

The Local Legend Scholarship Luncheon honors graduating high school senior girls who have achieved academic success while making significant contributions in their local and school communities. Students receive a $1,000 college scholarship to help meet the challenge of affording a quality post-secondary education that is vital to her future earning potential. Students also receive lessons in fine dining etiquette and have an opportunity to network in an intimate setting and gain life lessons and tips for success from notable “Local Legends”.  Past Legends include Civil Rights Icon Xernona Clayton, Author Pearl Cleage, Actress Jasmine Guy, Delta Airlines’ Scarlett Pressley-Brown, Georgia Pacific’s Charmaine Ward, Judge Penney Brown-Reynolds, Mrs. Carolyn Young, Television Personality Rashan Ali, Philanthropist Lovette Russell and News Anchors Monica Pearson, Brenda Wood and Jovita Moore.

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The Frank Ski’s Youth Bowl was created in response to the lack of funding and parental participation in youth sports, particularly football.  The Foundation recognized the important correlation between team sports and student success.   Young athletes learn & retain timeless qualities such as leadership, responsibility, perseverance and teamwork. Simultaneously, studies show that being physically active through football lowers body fat, strengthens muscles and increases the likelihood of continuing good health habits later in life. Frank Ski’s Youth Bowl gives children the opportunity to display their athletic abilities, learn the importance of sportsmanship, field etiquette and teamwork in front of a crowd of more than 20,000 spectators! Each year, four teams are chosen compete to win $20,000 in grants and prizes for their park.  Funding is instrumental in helping their recreation program repair playing fields, purchase team uniforms, offer scholarships for low income players and to replace aging team equipment.  Since its inception, The Frank Ski Kids Foundation has awarded more than $180,000 to area Parks and Recreation programs

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Frank Ski Excursion Program   Since 2002 the Excursion Program has exposed high achieving students, from underserved communities study aboard experiences centered on science, ecology and the arts.  The program’s goal is to use these experiences as a vehicle for a student’s character development, influence on their academic path and to gain a broader perspective of our global community.  This program has taken students to the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest to study environmental sustainability, Florence and Rome to study art and to the Bahamas to study marine biology.  The long-term impact of a study abroad experience on a student’s personal, professional, and academic life shows that it positively and unequivocally influences their career path, world-view and self-confidence of students.

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Reading with the Skis   The next generation of the Rodriguez Family, brothers Franklin, Blake and Harrison, created a reading program designed to motivate students in the 2nd and 3rd grades to develop an appreciation of reading and to create peer to peer mentoring opportunities. It has long been recognized that teaching young children to read is the most critical educational priority facing this country.

Program Goals:

  • Responsible Behavior: Students will develop standards of responsible behavior & listening skills.
  • Determine Main Idea: Students will identify the main idea of a passage.
  • Lifelong Learning: Students will begin to understand how reading supports lifelong learning.
  • Communication: Students will learn to articulate and enunciate by reading aloud to one another

Frank Ski Kids Foundation Academy A yearlong program of academic support in the areas of science, technology, reading, math, study skills and character development for 3rd and 5th grade students. Our target population includes students struggling to meet classroom benchmark requirements   and who come from under-served communities in metro Atlanta

Program Goals:

  • Show measurable improvement in end of semester grades and CRCT scores
  • Positive change in student behavior
  • Eradicate negative scores for benchmark goals
  • Increase parent participation in student academic success and school involvement